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Upcycling ideas: Artisanal flourish, affordable cost

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Want to add some truly unique flourishes to your home décor? Save money, unleash your creativity and get some great upcycling ideas here.

      Upcycling ideas for beginners

      When it comes to decorating our homes and gardens, there are a million different retailers, magazines and designers offering advice and ways to achieve the so-called ‘perfect look’. While this is all very nice, it often leaves little to no room for personal expression and we simply end up with homes that appear barely distinguishable from one another.

      And although functionality and quality are the primary concern when it comes to our homes, it’s the individual flourishes here and there that can really lift a room or backyard and make them stand out. Unfortunately, buying artisanal and bespoke pieces can be expensive. But there is a much more affordable alternative: upcycling.

      If you’ve ever browsed through items at a thrift store or yard sale, you’ll know there’s an abundance of once cherished items just waiting to have new life breathed into them. To inspire you, here are some upcycling ideas for beginners.

      Upcycling ideas easy: Vinyl side table

      If there’s one thing we can never have enough of, it’s surfaces to put things on. Here’s an idea for a vintage-inspired side table made from an old vinyl record – the staple of every garage and yard sale.

      1. Items. Acquire an old 12-inch record of your choice and a cheap circular wire frame plant stand from a furniture or garden retailer.
      2. Clean. Wipe the record down with a warm wet cloth to remove any dust from its surfaces.
      3. Glue. Using a plastic glue, apply an even line of glue around the top of the plant stand’s frame, then place the record on top – taking care to get it as central as possible – and press down.
      4. Dry. Place a heavier item on top of the record, such as a thick hardback book, and leave to dry for the length of time specified on your glue’s instructions.

      Upcycling ideas garden: Tin can fence planter

      When it comes to upcycling ideas for the home, it’s easy to forget about backyards. But this idea can turn any number of used bean, vegetable or soup cans into a colorful addition to your backyard.

      1. Clean. Remove the labels and clean your tin cans with warm, soapy water and allow to dry. Punch three or four small holes in the base of each can.
      2. Paint. Either outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, spray paint the insides and outsides of your cans. You can paint them all one color or use whatever combination of colors you wish.
      3. Glue. Use an epoxy glue to glue the side of the cans to your garden fence in whatever arrangement or pattern you want. Use masking tape to hold the cans in place while the epoxy dries.
      4. Plant. Fill the cans with soil and plant seeds for any plants or herbs of your choice.

      Upcycling ideas for kids: Bottle cap fridge magnet

      One of the great things about upcycling is that it is incredibly easy to get the whole family involved, and encourages children to show off their creative flair as well.

        1. Clean. Collect a few beer or soda bottle tops (the type that are opened with a bottle opener, not unscrewed), wash in warm soapy water and dry.
        2. Paint. Laying some old newspaper down on a table top, allow your children to paint the bottle tops with their choice of design. This can involve more than one color, but allow the first layer to dry before adding to it.
        3. Decorate. To add a further sense of fun to the magnets, add decorations such as stick-on stars or googly eyes.
        4. Glue. Apply a drop of all-purpose glue to the inside of the bottle top and press a circular magnet into the glue. Leave to dry before sticking to the fridge door.

            Products used

            • Loctite Clear Epoxy

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            • loctite extreme glue 1.75oz tube
              Loctite Extreme Glue

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            • loctite vinyl plastic adhesive 1oz card
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