Gutter sealant for the win!

Gutter sealant: The easy way to fix cracked gutters

Fall is a season that screams beautiful colors, outdoor activities, and — gutter sealant? Don’t let leaky or damaged gutters stop you from enjoying this glorious time of year. With the proper gutter caulk, you can keep your backyard BBQ space clean, safe, and ready for a party!

Gutter sealant: When to fix your gutters

There are a few tell-tale signs your gutters are in need of repair, and you’ll generally know them when you see them. Here are some indicators:

  • gutters showing signs of cracking or splitting along the seams 
  • gutters drooping or pulling away from the house
  • water pooling near the foundation of your home
  • signs of peeling paint or rust stains
  • signs of water damage to the gutter, or the overflowing of your gutter spout during a rainstorm

Fixing a leaky gutter can actually prevent a crumbling driveway, or even flooding inside your home.

Steps to applying caulk for gutters

Water, foliage, and debris can cause trouble for your gutters. When this happens, it’s best to identify the exact problem, gather your tools and adhesive, and get to work. To make sure you only have to do this job once follow these steps:

  1. Empty out any leaves and muck that might cause a clogged seam or downspout. 
  2. Remove any screws connecting the gutter seams together. 
  3. Brush away any old caulk and ensure the gutters are clean and dry where you’ll apply sealant. 
  4. If you are fixing gutters that are made of vinyl or PVC, now is the time to swap out the rubber gaskets for new ones. 
  5. Get your caulking gun ready and start applying a bead of sealant to the appropriate seam. 
  6. Press your gutter ends or seams together, add any extra reinforcements. Usually the sealant will be cured within 24 hours.

How to select the best gutter sealant for the job

There’s nothing worse than water damage, especially if it starts from the roof. It can penetrate every floor, causing mold and mildew to form in and around your house. To prevent this, opt for Loctite PL Roof and Flashing Polyurethane Sealant, a premium roof gutter sealant that will keep all of your gutters in great shape

To prevent water from entering your house from the ground, grab a gutter seal like Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant. Its extreme weather resistance and flexible bonds will act as a powerful barrier, keeping the water in the gutter and out of places it shouldn’t be. Please note: because of the size of its product unit, Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant is not ideal for large projects.