Wood caulk: The answer to all your woodwork questions

Wood is a natural material that requires special care. Find out why a good wood caulk is the solution to your DIY wood project. Take the correct root to sturdy results with the help of our guide.

What is wood caulk used for?

Interior as well as exterior wood caulk helps you to fill in gaps where wood meets wood or cracks occur. Wood doesn’t always sit flush when installed, and it will wear out over time, causing cracks and gaps. In most cases, the solution to fixing these gaps is using a wood caulk to create seamless, safe, and secure structures.

How to use wood caulk effectively

You want the structural integrity of your wood constructions to last for years to come, and that starts with using the right wood caulk. A good wood caulk can go a long way in ensuring that your wood is both structurally safe and visually appealing.

Before you begin: Make sure you have gathered all the materials needed for the job. You also want to check that the areas you are going to caulk are free from debris.

Precautions: Work under safe conditions. When using wood caulk, always wear gloves to keep your hands safe. Wash your hands thoroughly once you’re done.

Tidying Up: When you are finished with the wood caulk, follow the manufacturer's instructions for storing leftovers. Clean any tools that have come into contact with caulk with soap and warm water.

Find the best wood caulk for your projects

Determining which wood caulk is best suited for the job depends on a few factors. Consider a paintable caulk for wood when you need to color match. Or select a heavy-duty product if working on sub floors and walls.

Bonding wood can be difficult because of irregular sizes, shapes, and lines. For any lumber—frozen, wet, or otherwise— use Loctite PL Premium Max. This product is ideal for various projects around the home, especially indoors, as it comes in a low-odor formula that is easy to clean. Whether you are filling a gap in wooden baseboards or solidifying wooden window sills, Loctite PL 510 Wood and Panel can do it all!

Trying to bridge irregular gaps that are uneven and difficult to fill? Loctite has a great product for that, too. Loctite PL 375 Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive bonds especially well to rugged materials like wood. It’s also a great outdoor caulk for wood.