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Set in stone: Concrete glue

Concrete adhesive: How to cement your DIY status

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Working with concrete adhesive is simple when you have the necessary knowledge. Our guide introduces you to the different uses for concrete adhesives and tells you which glues are right for the job at hand.

What is concrete adhesive?

Concrete is a material composed of cement, aggregate, and water. Several types of adhesive can be employed to repair concrete.

Concrete adhesives come in different formulas tailored to the type of material you’re bonding. Options are available for both small home fixes and larger, more advanced jobs. Whether it’s carpet fitting, gluing metal to concrete, or repairing roads, Loctite has the right concrete adhesive for the job.

Concrete adhesive delivery systems

The application technique for concrete adhesive depends on the type of glue you’re using and the size of the job.

For a ridgid tough bond, look for Loctite Epoxy Metal/Concrete. Application is simple via prefilled syringes. Simply,

  1. open the tubes 
  2. mix according to package 
  3. apply to both surfaces you’re binding.

This adhesive is ideal for gluing concrete to metal, glass, or wood.

Most other concrete adhesives come in cartridges. For this type of application

  1. load the caulking gun 
  2. cut the tube to the desired thickness 
  3. apply the adhesive around the perimeter of the item, roughly 2 inches from the edge. 
  4. press and allow for cure time.

Always read the manufacturer’s detailed instructions before proceeding.

The Glue Guy demonstrates how to apply wall stones to an exterior wall.

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Which concrete adhesive is right for your project?

Your choice of concrete adhesive also depends on the size of the job. Here’s a breakdown of concrete adhesives for small, medium, and large jobs.

Small Jobs

For smaller concrete gluing projects in and around the house, Loctite Extreme Glue Gel is the top choice. Its highly versatile formula contains Flextec technology which bonds quickly and allows for flexibility. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but be aware that permanent exposure to water can diminish the adhesion.

Medium Jobs

For medium size jobs, Loctite Power Grab Express Heavy Duty is the way to go. The “Greenguard” certification makes it suitable for children and schools. It is gap filling and can be used to bind concrete with wood, drywall, plaster, brick, foamboard, cork, and other materials.

Big Jobs

For large jobs, choose Loctite PL Premium Max for adhesion that’s built to last. This construction grade adhesive for concrete is ideal for outdoor usage. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, along with foot traffic. As with Loctite Go2 Gel, please note that long lasting contact with water (i. e. submersion) can weaken the adhesion. Premium Max bonds to most common building materials such as concrete, stone, marble, wood, plywood, metal, and many others and is great for framing, flooring, and landscaping. It’s a chip off the old block!

Products used

  • Loctite Epoxy Metal Concrete syringe FOP RGB
    Loctite Epoxy Metal & Concrete

    Anchoring bolts, railings and general repair of concrete, stone and cinderblock.

  • loctite extreme gel 18ml tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue Gel

    Multi-material bonding for projects or repairs requiring higher viscosity, constant impact, tremendous bond strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

  • loctite pl premium max 9oz cartridge
    Loctite PL Premium Max

    Strongest bond to most materials. Ideal for any project where long term strength and durability are a must.

  • loctite power grab heavy duty 9oz cartridge
    Loctite Power Grab Heavy Duty

    Weather resistant high strength bonding, reducing the need for nails and screws.

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